Inspiration Board: Mermaid Season! :)


SUMMER is now here! The sun is out and hotter than ever (Well kind of. It seems to be always warm here in San Diego)! But since it is summer, it means shorts, sun-kissed skin, salty waves (ocean and hair), and embracing your inner mermaid at the beach! I would like to apologize for being M.I.A. for the last couple months. I just felt I was being pulled here and there, and everywhere. But I’m trying to get back to the swing of things. I hope everyone enjoys their summer and looks forward to new posts about maintaining summer hair and getting the perfect summer glow! Stay tuned!

Inspiration Board: Coachellous!


Happy Friday! Sorry I haven’t written many posts lately, but I will! 🙂  As many of you know, Coachella is on its way! And if you are going then I am very Coachel-lous of you! Unfortunately I’m not going. 🙁 I have never been but I REALLY want to go. The fashion, art, and the MUSIC are the reasons I need to go. Every year I have to sit at home watching it on Youtube and wishing I was there! It especially hurts when bands who you’ve been supporting from the very start, are performing and you don’t get to see them. And everyone gets to enjoy their presence and you can’t. Any way sorry for my mini rant haha. My favorite artists that are performing this year are: THE 1975, Haim, Bastille, Banks, Lorde, and Ms Mr. If you are going, then be sure to check them out! Who are you looking forward to seeing and what is your favorite part of the festival?