Embrace The Waves With Fudge Urban!

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I. Love. Fudge. Urban! I have known about this brand for a while and I am just so happy it is now available in The States! Target now carries the Fudge Urban line! And the first product from the brand that I picked up is the Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Styling Mousse! And yes, it does smell as good as it sounds. When I was younger I had really curly hair. But now that I’m older, my hair is a bit more wavy. It is very hard for me to wear my hair all na-tu-ral because my hair is extremely frizzy as well. So after I do my after shower hair routine (I’ll make a post about it later) I curl the really frizzy sections so it can be more defined. After that, I despence a tad of mousse in my hand and scrunch it in my hair starting from the middle to the ends. The mousse undoes the “perfect” curls that the curling iron makes and it reduces frizz. The mousse is also a heat protectant so you can use it before the curling. Even if you have straight hair, after you curl some of it, scrunch some mousse in and it will add some nice volume! Shake your hair a bit to make it more grudge!

Hair That Shines Bright Like A Diamond!

Shiny hair products Sarina Flores

Do you want your hair to shine bright like a diamond? Well lucky for you, I chose four hair products I have used over the years to make my hair shiny and smooth! I usually rub these oils and serums (not all four at once) on my hair before or after I straighten it. And being a person who has difficult, unmanageable, and curly hair, these products really work! I’ll review them in the order I was introduced to them.

Kerastase Oleo-Relax: My aunt, who is a hairstylist, first introduced me to this  hair oil. The salon she works at used to carry a lot of Kerastase products so she would show me all of them. I absolutely love all Kerastase products but this one was my first favorite. It did exactly what it’s called. It relaxed my crazy hair! I used a tiny amount and polished it on my hair after the straitening.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal: I actually started using this product because I won it! Every year my friend’s family has a scavenger hunt for Easter and my team won! In the treasure chest there were a bunch of prizes for girls so I picked this one. As soon as I used it, I immediately fell in love. It makes my hair very silky. I carefully pour a little in the palm of my hand and rub it on starting from the middle of my hair to the ends.

Sojourn Serum Smooth: This product is not so oily since it is a serum. It is more like a lotion for your hair. Being that, you can use a little more of it at a time. I usually apply this on BEFORE straightening. I massage it all through my hair (especially my ends). I noticed it helped me straighten my hair better. My hair is very dry due to me bleaching it so this product really helps.

Mythic Oil: Love love love! This product is liquid gold! A couple months ago my aunt did my hair and she used this oil just before blow drying it. And my hair never felt softer! I sometimes smooth this on even if I don’t plan on straightening my hair. It relaxes and de-frizzes my natural hair. And a bonus is that is smells great!

*Note* A little goes a LONG way with oils. You want to make your hair look healthy and shiny not greasy. If you put too much on, especially towards your roots, it will look like you haven’t washed your hair. Your hair has natural oils, so you don’t want to over do it. Plus if you have very thin hair be extra careful. You just got to try what works for your hair type. 🙂