LFW: Ashish Fall 2014

The second of the five is Ashish from London Fashion Week! GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER! Oh yeah, and also lights! He is my new favorite designer. I read that he is a super shy person; which I think it is amazing that his real personality shines through his work. His designs and shows are very vibrant and flamboyant. And for this Fall 2014 show, it was almost like 80’s prom meets my 90’s childhood. The teased curled hair and poofy tooled gowns are very 80’s. Where as to the light up platform sneakers were totally 90’s. Even the long pink sparkly dress (4th picture) reminds me of a nightgown I used to own in the 90’s. Though it may be “too much” for some people, I love this fun loving collection!

ashish Fall 2014 Sarina FloresAshish Fall 2014 Sarina Floresashish Fall 2014 Sarina FloresAshish Fall 2014 Sarina Flores

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