LFW: Giles Fall 2014

The fifth and final show I chose was Giles for the London Fashion Week! Grunge meets posh? The fall 2014 collection was full of motorcycle pants, color blocking, gloves, beanies, plaids, birds, and other fun prints. Giles Deacon, known for his exaggerated gowns, didn’t disappoint. Towards the end of the show there were gowns with giant bugs printed on them. The pieces that I loved were the shorter dresses. The first one was a kind of a babydoll styled dress but the print and knit hat grunged it up a bit. The second was what I thought to be a great cross of chic and grunge. It was a long sleeved tunic paired with motorcycled pants. I loved the short tailored jacket in the third picture with the printed puffy sleeves. And the half sleeved coat in the fourth picture was very stylish. Model Cara Delevingne, posted some videos of her strutting down this runway on her Instagram (you can see her phone in hand in picture #1). And that’s it! That was the end to my five favorite collections from this years Fall/Winter Fashion Weeks! 🙂

Giles Fall 2014 Sarina FloresGiles Fall 2014 Sarina FloresGiles Fall 2014 Sarina FloresGiles Fall 2014 Sarina Flores Photos from Style.com

LFW: Sister by Sibling Fall 2014

The fourth of the five is Sister by Sibling at the London Fashion Week. They are the masters of crocheting and knits! The garments were torn and hand crocheted together. Each piece was worked on for one hundred hours. I have always loved anything magical like witches (good of course), so it would make sense that one of my favorite movies is Practical Magic. I also loved the famous show American Horror Story: Coven! This collection reminded me of the show because of the black hats the ladies wore. The crocheting in the gowns gave off the breezy rustic vibe that Practical Magic had. I just loved the way all the dresses hung. I would love to twirl around in one of them. I also loved the detail of the dark grey socks with the black pumps. This runway was wicked fabulous!

Sister by Sibling Fall 2014 Sarina FloresSister By Sibling Fall 2014 Sarina floresSister by Sibling Fall 2014 Sarina FloresSister by Sibling Fall 2014 Sarina FloresSister by Sibling Fall 2014 Sarina FloresPictures From Style.com

MFW: Costume National Fall 2014

The third of the five is Costume National for the Milan Fashion Week! Costume National’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection is very chic and modern. If you take a look at their past collections you defiantly can tell they use a lot of strong sharp lines in their clothing. Ennio Capasa is really good at blending the feminine look with the masculine. I love the first two looks because they are so clean cut with the all white and it really draws the attention to the fluffy coats. The fur textured outerwear brings a luxury vibe. I chose the third look because I’m a sucker for long sleeved dresses and I like the vertical lines. A lot of room in the sleeves of the dress could make you look a bit frumpy with the poofiness. So the vertical lines give it a sliming appearance. For the fourth, I thought the fur coat softened up the angular lines. The majority of the collection had a lot of black, white, and grey. So when I saw the fifth look, It obviously stood out with the vibrant red! The cowl neck and the scrunched up sleeves give this chic dress a comfy feel. I got to say that I loved the black platform shoes the models were strutting in. The whole collection was stunning.

Costume National Fall 2014 Sarina FloresCostume National Fall 2014 Sarina FloresCostume National Fall 2014 Sarina FloresCostume National Fall 2014 Sarina FloresCostume National Fall 2014 Sarina FloresPictures From Style.com

LFW: Ashish Fall 2014

The second of the five is Ashish from London Fashion Week! GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER! Oh yeah, and also lights! He is my new favorite designer. I read that he is a super shy person; which I think it is amazing that his real personality shines through his work. His designs and shows are very vibrant and flamboyant. And for this Fall 2014 show, it was almost like 80’s prom meets my 90’s childhood. The teased curled hair and poofy tooled gowns are very 80’s. Where as to the light up platform sneakers were totally 90’s. Even the long pink sparkly dress (4th picture) reminds me of a nightgown I used to own in the 90’s. Though it may be “too much” for some people, I love this fun loving collection!

ashish Fall 2014 Sarina FloresAshish Fall 2014 Sarina Floresashish Fall 2014 Sarina FloresAshish Fall 2014 Sarina Flores

Pictures From Style.com

NYFW: SB47 Fall/Winter 2014

New York and London Fashion Week 2014 has come and gone 🙁 . And even though Milan’s Fashion Week is still in session, there was so many fabulous shows and such amazing designers that it was difficult for me to choose a favorite. I was a bit bummed that I left London a week before the Spring/Summer 2014 London Fashion Week started. So I thought that this time around I would choose 5 of my favorite shows from Fall 2014 Fashion Weeks and a few looks from each that I loved.

The first of the five is, SB47 from New York Fashion Week! Stylish, sleek, black, and LEATHER, are definite musts in my eyes. These four looks are my favorite from the collection because the pieces are nothing too crazy and you can’t help but look bad ass in them (haha yes I said that). Absolutely love everything about these outfits!

SB47 Fall 2014 Sarina FloresSB47 Fall 2014 Sarina FloresSB47 Fall 2014 Sarina FloresPictures From Style.com