Kiss Me! (It’s Valentines)

NastyGal two tone lipsTwo_toned_lips_ValentinesVogue Two toned lips twotonedlips_HollyFulton

Pink or red lips for Valentines? Why not both! I thought this trend was so fun, especially for this pink and red holiday! To achieve these two-toned lips, first pick out two of your favorite shades! It also doesn’t have to be red and pink. Feel free to mix up the combos with pink and orange or red and gold. It’s your decision; have fun with it! For lips like pictures #1 & 2 just simply choose one color for the top lip and one for the bottom. For pictures #3 & 4 use the darker color of the two and paint the top lip. Then for the bottom lip, paint the same color on the outer parts. Use the second color to fill in the center and use your finger to bend where the two colors meet. Blend them just a little to create a bit ombre effect. There you have your perfect two toned lips for Valentine’s Day! Kisses!


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