Inspiration Board: Mermaid Season! :)


SUMMER is now here! The sun is out and hotter than ever (Well kind of. It seems to be always warm here in San Diego)! But since it is summer, it means shorts, sun-kissed skin, salty waves (ocean and hair), and embracing your inner mermaid at the beach! I would like to apologize for being M.I.A. for the last couple months. I just felt I was being pulled here and there, and everywhere. But I’m trying to get back to the swing of things. I hope everyone enjoys their summer and looks forward to new posts about maintaining summer hair and getting the perfect summer glow! Stay tuned!

Embrace The Waves With Fudge Urban!

SAMSUNG CSC   SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC   urban_raspberry_mousse_sarina_flores

I. Love. Fudge. Urban! I have known about this brand for a while and I am just so happy it is now available in The States! Target now carries the Fudge Urban line! And the first product from the brand that I picked up is the Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Styling Mousse! And yes, it does smell as good as it sounds. When I was younger I had really curly hair. But now that I’m older, my hair is a bit more wavy. It is very hard for me to wear my hair all na-tu-ral because my hair is extremely frizzy as well. So after I do my after shower hair routine (I’ll make a post about it later) I curl the really frizzy sections so it can be more defined. After that, I despence a tad of mousse in my hand and scrunch it in my hair starting from the middle to the ends. The mousse undoes the “perfect” curls that the curling iron makes and it reduces frizz. The mousse is also a heat protectant so you can use it before the curling. Even if you have straight hair, after you curl some of it, scrunch some mousse in and it will add some nice volume! Shake your hair a bit to make it more grudge!

Messy Waves For Fall Tutorial!


Hey guys I’m back! And tomorrow is my birthday! Over Labor Day my family threw me a pre-birthday bash. So my friend, Kristen (our beautiful model), and I thought why not make a tutorial whilst getting ready. Since Summer was all about the “Beachy waves”, I made a tutorial to transition into messy waves for the Fall! Enjoy!

SAMSUNG CSC Messy_waves_for_fall

First things first, (yes I thought of “Fancy”) apply some heat protectant starting from the middle to the ends of your hair. After that we are going to section off the hair by putting the top half in a bun. Start curling the bottom half, grabbing 1 inch sections and wrapping them around your curling iron (pointing down). For the sections in the front, curl the hair away from the face and as you move to the back curl the hair in different directions. Also if you don’t have a curling wand, don’t fret just use a regular curling iron but don’t open the clasp (as I did).

SAMSUNG CSC messy_waves_for_fall

YAY, finished with the bottom! We are half way there! Now do the same thing with the top part.

SAMSUNG CSC messy_waves_for_fal

Looking good Kristen!    (TIP: feel free not to have a straight part. The whole point of the look is to be tousled and messy 🙂 )

SAMSUNG CSC messy_waves_for_fall

Once you’re finished curling your hair, you’re going to put some mousse in. I’m using Fudge Urban’s Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Styling Mousse! Rub it together in your hands and scrunch right in. This mousse is anti frizz and smells AMAZING!


Voila! You are done! Look at those B-E-A-U-TI-FUL messy, tousled waves!

messy waves half up do

If you want to try something different and dress up the look, try this lovely and easy half up do! Just carefully gather some hair from the top section and wrap it up in to a bun (kind of like this), secure with bobby pins and done! Have fun! Muah!

Inspiration Board: Coachellous!


Happy Friday! Sorry I haven’t written many posts lately, but I will! 🙂  As many of you know, Coachella is on its way! And if you are going then I am very Coachel-lous of you! Unfortunately I’m not going. 🙁 I have never been but I REALLY want to go. The fashion, art, and the MUSIC are the reasons I need to go. Every year I have to sit at home watching it on Youtube and wishing I was there! It especially hurts when bands who you’ve been supporting from the very start, are performing and you don’t get to see them. And everyone gets to enjoy their presence and you can’t. Any way sorry for my mini rant haha. My favorite artists that are performing this year are: THE 1975, Haim, Bastille, Banks, Lorde, and Ms Mr. If you are going, then be sure to check them out! Who are you looking forward to seeing and what is your favorite part of the festival?


Hair That Shines Bright Like A Diamond!

Shiny hair products Sarina Flores

Do you want your hair to shine bright like a diamond? Well lucky for you, I chose four hair products I have used over the years to make my hair shiny and smooth! I usually rub these oils and serums (not all four at once) on my hair before or after I straighten it. And being a person who has difficult, unmanageable, and curly hair, these products really work! I’ll review them in the order I was introduced to them.

Kerastase Oleo-Relax: My aunt, who is a hairstylist, first introduced me to this  hair oil. The salon she works at used to carry a lot of Kerastase products so she would show me all of them. I absolutely love all Kerastase products but this one was my first favorite. It did exactly what it’s called. It relaxed my crazy hair! I used a tiny amount and polished it on my hair after the straitening.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal: I actually started using this product because I won it! Every year my friend’s family has a scavenger hunt for Easter and my team won! In the treasure chest there were a bunch of prizes for girls so I picked this one. As soon as I used it, I immediately fell in love. It makes my hair very silky. I carefully pour a little in the palm of my hand and rub it on starting from the middle of my hair to the ends.

Sojourn Serum Smooth: This product is not so oily since it is a serum. It is more like a lotion for your hair. Being that, you can use a little more of it at a time. I usually apply this on BEFORE straightening. I massage it all through my hair (especially my ends). I noticed it helped me straighten my hair better. My hair is very dry due to me bleaching it so this product really helps.

Mythic Oil: Love love love! This product is liquid gold! A couple months ago my aunt did my hair and she used this oil just before blow drying it. And my hair never felt softer! I sometimes smooth this on even if I don’t plan on straightening my hair. It relaxes and de-frizzes my natural hair. And a bonus is that is smells great!

*Note* A little goes a LONG way with oils. You want to make your hair look healthy and shiny not greasy. If you put too much on, especially towards your roots, it will look like you haven’t washed your hair. Your hair has natural oils, so you don’t want to over do it. Plus if you have very thin hair be extra careful. You just got to try what works for your hair type. 🙂

Chloe Norgaard: Blue Hair Beauty!

Chloe Norgaard Blue Hair Beauty Sarina FloresChloe Norgaard Blue Hair Beauty Sarina FloresChloe Norgaard Blue Hair Beauty Sarina FloresChloe Norgaard Blue Hair Beauty Sarina FloresChloe Norgaard Blue Hair Beauty Sarina Flores

It’s #WomenCrushWednesday.  I chose one of my favorite models, Chloe Norgaard! As you may have noticed, she has been featured in many posts of mine. I just love how she always has a new hair color. And she doesn’t just stick with one color either. She always ombres a color into a different one. Whether it’s a gradation of blue into green or purple with radiant orchid highlights, it looks great. I love how she has fun with it. It is like an art masterpiece every time! Her hair makes her stand out and she is defiantly known for it. Nasty Gal and designer Ashish are some of the many fans  of Miss Norgaard. She has been seen in many of Ashish’s runway shows. The blue and green hues have to be one of my favorite looks of hers.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Braids!

Marc by MARC JACOBS Sarina FloresMarc by MARC JACOBS Sarina FloresMarc by MARC JACOBS Sarina Flores

I recently saw these pictures on Lou Teasdale’s website and absolutely loved the look. These pictures are from the Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week. These tight braids with the black headband are so chic and preppy! And the thin black outlined eyes went perfect with the hair style. The makeup was very simple but it did make the eyes stand out. Love love love!

LFW: Giles Fall 2014

The fifth and final show I chose was Giles for the London Fashion Week! Grunge meets posh? The fall 2014 collection was full of motorcycle pants, color blocking, gloves, beanies, plaids, birds, and other fun prints. Giles Deacon, known for his exaggerated gowns, didn’t disappoint. Towards the end of the show there were gowns with giant bugs printed on them. The pieces that I loved were the shorter dresses. The first one was a kind of a babydoll styled dress but the print and knit hat grunged it up a bit. The second was what I thought to be a great cross of chic and grunge. It was a long sleeved tunic paired with motorcycled pants. I loved the short tailored jacket in the third picture with the printed puffy sleeves. And the half sleeved coat in the fourth picture was very stylish. Model Cara Delevingne, posted some videos of her strutting down this runway on her Instagram (you can see her phone in hand in picture #1). And that’s it! That was the end to my five favorite collections from this years Fall/Winter Fashion Weeks! 🙂

Giles Fall 2014 Sarina FloresGiles Fall 2014 Sarina FloresGiles Fall 2014 Sarina FloresGiles Fall 2014 Sarina Flores Photos from